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Notes on the 1878-S VAM Listings

Part One — VAM 1 to VAM 25

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The idea behind the above graphics is to share some of our notes about 1878-S varieties that was developed over the last decade. It is hoped that, even though far from being final, these notes may benefit specialists who, like myself, constantly seek new information and opinions beyond what is generally available. Of course, die progressions are not written in stone, so the resulting listings will no doubt change considerably over time. But if you are a like-minded fanatic about 1878-S VAMs, and wish to offer input, supply corrections, or provide suggestions, we can be contacted at:, P.O. Box 16606, Encino, CA 91416. Forgive us when we don't get back to you immediately, since the amount of mail can be daunting. That said, we will respond, and we certainly appreciate our fellow collectors!

Lastly, we must give credit where credit is due, as much of the accompanying chart was originally compiled alongside Larry Briggs. In my view, Larry is one of the best VAM attributers in the world, especially in the case of 1878-S varieties, and his input was both enjoyed and appreciated! Thanks, Larry!

Legend for the Background Colors

The VAM Number for Varieties and Sub-Varieties as Cataloged by Leroy Van Allen
My Variety Notes, Descriptions, and Insights for each 1878-S Variety or Sub-Variety
VAM Listings which have been Eliminated, Moved or Changed by Van Allen and/or others
All rights Reserved © 2018 Jeff Oxman
No part of this research or presentation may be reproduced by any means without the written consent of the author.