Terms and Conditions

Visiting this website is intended to be a friendly, enjoyable and beneficial experience, but as with all interactions there are certain potential problem areas. We strongly advise you to understand our terms and conditions before joining us.

Right To Suspend or Terminate

You agree that this web-site, at its own discretion, may terminate your access to any area of VAMLINK.com, including our fixed price list or our future auctions without notice if (a) We believe that you are not abiding by the general rules of this web-site (b) You have previously broken its terms and conditions, and we have a reasonable basis to suspect that you will do so again (c) You have publicly demonstrated a lack of respect for VAMLINK or any of its members (d) You have shown yourself to be a non paying buyer. In most cases when we perceive a problem, we will suspend your account whilst we investigate further. If our investigation concludes there has been wrong doing, then your account with us will be terminated.

Your Conduct

You are solely responsible for your own actions relative to VAMLINK and its members. You must ensure that your participation in the buying of items does not violate any applicable laws or regulations. By this we mean that you must be entitled to buy the relevant item and that you are not prohibited from doing so by any law or regulation.

In the event of us creating an interactive section on VAMLINK, you must not transmit via the VAMLINK web-site any unlawful, harassing, libelous, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene or otherwise objectionable material. You must also not transmit any material that encourages conduct that could constitute a criminal offence, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any applicable laws or regulations.

VAMLINK Proprietary Rights

The information, research, pricing data and presentations displayed on VAMLINK are intended solely for the exclusive use of our members in good standing, and are protected under copyright law. Neither images or information contained in text or chart form may be reproduced by any means or in any format, either printed or electronic, without prior written permission from VAMLINK.com.


This is not a club, and there are no officers, meetings or publications. Most importantly, there are no membership fees. Our web-site was created to serve a diverse VAM community, and participation, while encouraged, is strictly voluntary. If any member fails to live up to their obligations, as stated above, then their access to the web-site may be terminated.

Membership to VAMLINK.com is available to any and all persons interested in Morgan and Peace dollar varieties, but as stated above, the information provided by the web-site is intended for the exclusive use of our members. However, ownership, control and the lawful copyright of the site contents remain the exclusive property of VAMLINK.com.

General Terms

This site conducts fixed-price sales and auctions as a platform for buyers to purchase Morgan and Peace dollars and related items. We stand behind the quality of every item sold, and as would be expected, most, if not all, of the coins for sale are in third-party grading service holders.

Namely, we plan to handle PCGS, NGC and ANACS “slabbed” coins. Each of these companies has its own grading and return policies. VAMLINK will accept returns when we have erred in a coin’s description. However, grading is an art, rather than a science, so VAMLINK cannot guarantee that any particular buyer will agree with the grade assigned by a particular grading company.

That said, for a period of 14 days we have decided to accept returns where the coin is in the same condition as it was when it was sent to the buyer. The first step is to contact us, stating the problem and getting our permission to return the coin. Then, in cases where a return is authorized, we will refund the selling price of the item and not the return postage.

Obviously, we want every member to be happy with the coins we sell and the services we offer, so we will attempt to straighten out any problems that might develop. But in handling top end coins, we are confident that the coins we have for sale are more than acceptable in the marketplace. After all, it is in our best interest (and the buyer’s) to enjoy smooth transactions.

So, we encourage potential buyers to study the listings, view the photos we provide of the coins for sale, and consult various pricing guides to make a determination of value. And it’s worth noting that all the photos of the coins for sale on the web-site are the actual coins for sale, and not generic pictures of a particular variety.


These Terms of Service shall be governed by and constructed in accordance with the laws of California, and in the unlikely event that a dispute develops, all parties agree to an arbitration process.