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Welcome to, an exciting new website for VAM collectors! First, would you like to log yourself in? If you don’t already have a VAMLINK account, you can click here to create one.

Our website has been a long time coming, but we think you’ll agree that the wait was worth it. What we’ve planned is an extraordinary array of content for the site, from important Value Guides and an extensive VAM Registry, to updates and research articles which can’t be found anywhere else. Our goal is to be a primary resource for both the advanced specialist and the novice VAM collector, offering cutting-edge information, VAM books and lots of Morgan and Peace dollar varieties. Indeed, hopes to become your ultimate VAM connection.
Whats New on VAMLINK
VAM Values: In response to numerous requests from collectors, VAMLINK is proud to announce the addition of the official “HOT 50” Value Guide to its website! Available nowhere else, the “HOT 50” Value Guide provides collectors with updated VAM Values to keep abreast of the escalating prices in today’s VAM market. In total, VAMLINK now offers five Value Guides, and more are on the way.
VAMLINK Registry: Information about the best VAM Sets is critically important to astute collectors who want to explore what is possible for their own sets, and map out a buying strategy. The first Registry listings were for the creme de la creme Morgan dollar set of 1878 8-TF varieties. Next, we added the popular 1878 7 over 8 TF set, which includes the King of VAMs VAM 44 and over a dozen other exciting varieties. Now, several new Registries are in the works, including one for TOP 50 Peace dollar varieties.
Upcoming Events: In an effort to keep VAM collectors apprised of important events, such as the FUN Show and ANA Show VAM Club meetings, VAMLINK has added an “Upcoming Events” listing to its website. Just up on the radar is the Santa Clara Show in November and the F.U.N. Show in January. Keep up with what’s happening in VAMs!
SSDC: We enthusiastically support the Society of Silver Dollar Collectors, and a downloadable membership application is now available through our site. Just click on “SSDC Application” to access it. Why become a member? As a clearinghouse for VAM information and research, the SSDC has proved itself to be an indespensable part of collecting Morgan and Peace dollar varieties. Whether you’re new to VAMs or a long time specialist, consider joining the SSDC! Morgan and Peace Dollar Auctions
Looking for rare VAMs? We would like to be one of your primary sources for high power silver dollar varieties!

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